The Tutorial School announces their adjusted 2020 fall semester starting August 11 at 10am.

We have figured out a way to open school relatively safely by staying outside.

We will only go into the building to use the bathroom or to get things.  No more than 2 people in the building at a time (3 if necessary,) and no more than one person in a room.  All the doors will be propped open and there will be a fan in the upper hallway.

Mostly, we will be outside, wearing masks and socially distancing.  We will not share food or objects.  We will be checking temperatures daily.  The faculty is being tested Thursday, August 6th.

We will be complying with the state guidelines for summer youth activities and according to the CDC, we will be in the lowest category of risk due to our precautions and the fact that we are a small group that does not mix with other groups and we are all from the same geographical area.

Most other schools are ones that have large groups of students indoors with little ventilation. If those were our circumstances, we would be closed this semester. However, we have a small group of students and a very large outdoor area. There is plenty of space here! That gives us a unique opportunity to offer school this semester.  This will be a great opportunity for our children to spend more time outside.

There is still some risk.  There is no way for this to be completely risk free, but we feel safe enough to try this.  You must decide for yourselves what level of risk you are willing to assume.  Please contact us with any questions or if you have any suggestions on how to make this safer.  We want to hear from you!

All of the students and faculty are excited for this new phase of the school.  We miss each other dearly.  We will continue outside until it is too cold, definitely not past November 19th, and then break until it is warm and safe enough to come back. The exact date for the spring semester and what that semester will look like are not yet determined.