NEWSLETTER August 2022


August  2022      Volume 31    Number  1

Chile Roasting is in the air, the summer is winding down – it is time to start thinking about the 2022 – 2023 school year. This year we start small and expect to grow.  The students we start with will be the seeds of our community.  It is an exciting time.

To prepare for the year we will be at the school cleaning, fixing, and rejuvenating the buildings and grounds from Monday, August 29th to Saturday, September 3rd for “Work Week.” We will be ready to go at 10am each morning. This is a great time to get to know the faculty and fellow parents.  Moe will be cooking his traditional green chile pesole stew and vegan red chile potato stew.  Please join us to make a beautiful environment for our children. 

There are many  outdoor projects that we are excited about. The garden got so much rain this year, that it is exploding with carrots, parsley, arugula, and weeds. Cosmos and sunflowers have completely taken over one corner. We will be starting a new compost pile, repairing terraces, preparing an artichoke patch for the following year, and of course weeding. We are also getting ready for chickens!

We are happy to have Rose join our faculty.  Her bubbly personality and playful demeanor will be a wonderful addition to the school.  Rose is a former parent at our school who was in Santa Fe while completing two masters degrees at St. John’s College.  She spent the last six years applying what she learned from volunteering at The Tutorial School to her work with elders which now, in turn, informs her work with children.

This August, Iku and Moe went to the Summerhill Festival of Childhood which celebrated 100 years of Summerhill School’s continued existence.  The festival was held in Suffolk, England in conjunction with the 2022 International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC).  It was a great reunion of fellow educators from around the world as well as a chance to discuss and pay tribute to the school that was an inspiration for us all.  Moe and Iku gave a well attended talk about The Tutorial School and how working here changed them.

The Next IDEC will be in Nepal October 15th to the 21st, 2023 with trekking afterward.  How amazing would it be to take the whole school?  It is more than a year away, but we just wanted to plant a seed in your brains.

  • August 29 to September 3:  Work Week
  • September 6:  First day of school

Genuine beginnings begin within us even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities.  William Bridges