NEWSLETTER December 2023

NEWSLETTER December 2023 Volume 32 Number 3

Winter is here; we are now surrounded by snow-touched mountains. Soon solstice will arrive – marking the transition from darkness to increasing light, and reminding us of the circular nature of the year. This is an opportunity to gift ourselves with a look inside.

Winter break goes from Friday, December 15th to Monday, January 8th.

Snow days will be posted on our school calendar, as well as local Albuquerque television stations. If the Santa Fe Public School district posts a delay or closure, it will always apply to our school as well. Occasionally there will be media mention of a delay or closure on a Friday. Please ignore – it’s just free advertising.

Due to the cold weather, the All School Council has decided to adjust our virus safety practices: We will be closing the doors and windows, and sharing air this winter. This means that all of you are now in our bubble. We ask that you keep all of us safe by employing safe practices in your daily lives. Thank you.

We need firewood! Also, a vacuum cleaner. Any leads or donations are appreciated.

This fall there has been an emphasis on field trips and cooking. Students negotiated group dynamics by sourcing and modifying recipes, creating the sorbet committee, and deciding on a multi-week plan (including mango peanut butter, lemon dragon fruit, and pumpkin-pie sorbets). At Beaver pond we hiked and collected native seeds. We also visited a former student’s art gallery, and in October the whole school made an overnight road trip to Carlsbad Caverns. This was a great bonding experience for the students as they explored the geology and natural history of the regions (with bilingual plaques throughout the park for practicing Spanish).

The 2023 International Democratic Education Conference in Nepal was a resounding success. The Tutorial School, as usual, was very well received. Our presentation about the school was extended to three sessions, and we also lead two impromptu workshops focusing on gender diversity.

The next IDEC will be hosted by our friends in Taiwan from July 20 to July 27, 2024. We plan on going. If anyone is interested in joining this trip, please contact Moe or Iku. This conference is a wonderful way to meet like-minded students and educators from around the world. Everyone who attends has their outlook expanded to encompass the fact that we are part of a global education movement.

Finally, a very special thank you to Ben Kohl for his generous donation in memory of Norma Klein and Douglas Kohl who are no longer with us.