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The Tutorial School is an educational community dedicated to the development of independent, responsible students, prepared with life skills that encourage and sustain a thoughtful, successful, and meaningful life.

We are an independent, alternative, democratic school for ages 6–19 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering an education based on freedom, trust, and self-governance.

Since 1982, The Tutorial School has filled a vital need in the community, helping children become happy, effective, functional adults.

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6th of January 2017 08:55 PM Link
It is always great when the current psychological research supports what we do. "Anyone who looks honestly at the experiences of students at Sudbury model democratic schools and of unschoolers—where freedom, play, and self-directed exploration prevail—knows that there is another way. We don't need to drive kids crazy to educate them. Given freedom and opportunity, without coercion, young people educate themselves. They do so joyfully, and in the process develop intrinsic values, personal self-control, and emotional wellbeing." -- Peter Gray
18th of December 2016 03:21 PM Link
There is now a democratic school in Bangladesh!
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16th of December 2016 08:34 PM Link
We met the remarkable Simone this summer at the International Democratic Education Conference in Finland. Here is a link to her presentation at the World Forum for Democracy.
13th of December 2016 10:30 AM Link
Excerps from the conclusions of the 2016 World Forum for Democracy in Strasbourg, Germany:

Democracy education needs democratic schools, schools that practice democracy by enabling pupils to produce knowledge together and with teachers, to critically assess it and take a position.

Co-decision by pupils and teachers, including on content, was seen as convincing in preparing students to become alert and active citizens. Participatory democracy needs participatory education.

Recommendations to national authorities:
 Encourage different governance models of education using participation, co-decision and peer-learning as guidance.
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7th of December 2016 06:52 PM Link
That's this Monday at 5pm.
Event https://www.facebook.com/events/1607044436269499/
Pre-Winter Solstice Party
Bring food to share. Parents and Alumni are invited.
12th of December 2016 06:00 PM

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Tutorial School is a nonprofit corporation that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, national or ethnic origin, sex, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational, admissions, scholarship and financial aid policies, in management, or in any their programs and policies administered by my school.