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The Tutorial School is an educational community dedicated to the development of independent, responsible students, prepared with life skills that encourage and sustain a thoughtful, successful, and meaningful life.

We are an independent, alternative, democratic school for ages 6–19 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offering an education based on freedom, trust, and self-governance.

Since 1982, The Tutorial School has filled a vital need in the community, helping children become happy, effective, functional adults.

We understand where your family is coming from.


We know what you’ve been through.


We can help!


Let’s talk.

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18th of August 2017 02:06 PM Link
"Where are all the students? Hasn't school started yet?" Apparently not everyone is in favor of a long summer break. #quailsfordemocraticeducation
16th of August 2017 10:06 AM Link
Maria Montessori came to the same conclusion after carefully observing children going through their learning processes. We see it everyday at The Tutorial School.
27th of July 2017 05:14 PM Link
Sugata Mitra joined us at the most recent international conference in Hadera, Israel. His earlier work included rural illiterate children in India teaching themselves how to read english just by having access to the internet and working in groups. He is also a master of asking exploratory questions.
3rd of July 2017 12:11 PM Link
Food for thought. After 48 years at Sudbury Vally School, Mimsy Sadofsky has an interesting perspective on what children do at schools like The Tutorial School.
5th of June 2017 11:08 PM Link

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Tutorial School is a nonprofit corporation that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, disability, national or ethnic origin, sex, or sexual orientation in the administration of its educational, admissions, scholarship and financial aid policies, in management, or in any their programs and policies administered by my school.