Requirements for Admission

  • Student visit—prospective students shall visit the school for two to four days while school is in session (this may be waived for summer applicants). This must include attending an All School Council Meeting and an interview with a faculty member.
  • A parent or guardian must also interview with a faculty member.
  • Once the student has expressed a desire to attend, he or she must receive final acceptance from the All School Council.
  • Tuition must be paid, or an Extended Tuition Payment Plan signed and the first installment paid, before the student may attend The Tutorial School.
  • Finally, the student must, of his or her own accord, want to attend The Tutorial School.
  • The parents or guardians must also be willing to support this decision to attend. (We understand for some parents this may be difficult. We are very happy to discuss your thoughts at any time.)


Our tuition is affordable.

Tuition is different for every family and often involves a combination of payments and differing levels of work/trade. Our goal is to have relationships with every family that feel mutually respectful and balanced. In brief, we believe in what is fair and affordable. Our policy is to never turn away a student for lack of funds, but the school does require funding to operate.

The annual tuition is a sliding scale based on the cost of running the school per student, which is $14,400 per year.

We can offer a variety of payment plans ranging from monthly, quarterly or semi-annually.

If your family prefers a combination of payments and work/trade, you should determine what tuition amount and payment schedule works for your family. At that point, we can develop a work/trade program that feels fair and affordable.

Please contact us with questions and thoughts.


Graduation at The Tutorial School is the culmination of a unique process. The graduate is ultimately evaluated on the basis of strength of character, rather than completion of subjects. Its ultimate goal is to prepare students to engage the complex, globalized world of diverse cultures and technologies into which they will emerge. Come visit us to learn more.