Newsletter: November 2019

November  2019                       Volume 28  Number 2

Change and transformation fills the air as leaves change colors and fall to the ground. The red and orange foliage is there to remind us that change can be scary but it is also a beautiful thing. Fall is the perfect time to reflect and embrace change. It is the end of many things but it can also represent the beginning.  — The Living Urn blog

The autumn student conferences have begun. It is important to meet with them at this time of year to help them articulate their experience and what they want from this year.

As the leaves change and eventually drop, the garden browns, and the worms burrow deeper, we start to look inside. The time of transformation is upon us. The walls between worlds grow thin and the inner spirits come out to play. So too, at the school, all these things are in motion. The intending graduates are looking inward, the big room becomes more cozy with the heat of the wood stove, and our shadows are revealed. The ripeness, the abundance, the beauty of the natural world are a preparation for what is next.

Our school community has matured together to become a solid and cohesive group. The students who began the school year are all returning students. This is the perfect environment to bring in new students who can benefit from our unique style and approach. If there are young people you know who fit this description, please do not hesitate to send them our way or give us a call.

On November 5th we will be having an open house. We will have food and everyone will be welcome. There is a flier enclosed.  Please post it or give it to someone who would appreciate it. (There are more at the school.) We will be building an outdoor cob oven, weather permitting.

Come see our beautiful kitchen!  The Kitchen remodel is almost finished.  We just need to get the perfect water heater installed. Many thanks to Matt Kreitman of Groundfloor Stone for their generous donation of floor tile.

As it gets colder we are very grateful for all the help from Michael Austin.Thank you so much  for taking kids to get wood from Christina Stephenson’s place, and working so hard to cut it up.

2019 – 2020 School Calendar

November 5th: Open House

November 25th to 28th: Thanksgiving Break

Dec 16th to Jan 5th: Winter Solstice Vacation

January 20th: Open House (proposed)

February 3rd: No school

March 16th to 19th: Spring Break

May 28th: Last day of school