School Outside

´╗┐What does school look like? In the beginning of the global pandemic, we were not sure what school would look like for us. Last spring we switched to an online format. For the fall, we are trying something different. Considering all the information we had about the virus,  we decided to hold school outside. So far it has been working very well! We are wearing masks, socially distancing, and letting the wind blow all our troubles away.

Our style of education is largely relational. Our students are learning the soft skills involved with personal development and community building, so a lot of what we do here is socialize. Even with the limitations of group size and physical distance, we have noticed that we are better able to connect and support each other in person than we are online.

If you were to take a peek at one of our school days, you would see young people playing, relaxing, talking, and experiencing the natural progressions of light and weather throughout the day. This is what learning looks like.

Of course, we can do this because we are small, but also because the students are taking it seriously and acting responsibly. At The Tutorial School we practice being responsible and managing freedom. The results are amazing. Give children power and they learn to be empowered. Give children responsibility and they learn to act responsibly. Give children freedom and they learn to manage their lives with joy and passion.